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Our Missionaries

Doug & Christine Search


My name is Doug Search. My wife Christine and I have the responsibility of overseeing the Thru the Bible Ministry. We consider it a privilege and blessing to serve the body of Christ.

We have been missionaries in Israel for 5 years and S. Africa for 4+ years and NZ for 1 year.
* In Israel we served as overseers of Calvary Chapel Bible College Jerusalem teaching site. In between semesters at the Bible College we served as managers, dishwashers, cleaning staff and everything in-between. For 2 ½ years of that time Christine found herself in the position as manager of two guesthouse/retreat/hotel/coffee shop ministries in Migdal and Jerusalem.
*In South Africa the Lord called us there to ‘teach the Word’, little did we know that that meant filling in as Pastor and Christine as a worship leader for a congregation for a period of two+ years as well as teaching multiple Bible study groups and churches at any given time.
During that time, we experienced many blessings from the Lord through serving people as well as seeing His ways of provision to stay on the mission field.
We moved to NZ for visa purposes but still intend to fulfill the call to Africa.

*Thru the Bible is a ministry which trains untrained pastors in Africa. Africa has an estimated 800,000 ‘pastors’ that have never had any Bible training. We train these untrained pastors with Pastor Chuck Smiths’ 323 teachings from Genesis to Revelation accompanied with a workbook that has 7 questions corresponding to each teaching! For 19 years this method has been very very fruitful!
*Verse by Verse…. Village by Village has been born out of Thru the Bible as the students who go through the training course have gone back to their Villages and spread the Good News and the new believers want to hear more. Lots of these Villages don’t have a Bible in their language and even if they did almost all don’t read. Solution! We buy Solar Powered Audio devices and have the original language of that Village recorded on them and distribute them to these Villages.

In October of 2019 Thru the Bible purchased 67 Solar Powered Audio Bibles that reached…….
* 37 villages that had no Bible before and overcoming the problem of no electricity.
*17 different languages that have no written Bible yet
*10 Counties reached: Ghana, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Uganda and Tanzania. ( Kenya we have had a piece of land donated to build a Bible Training Center. We intend to reach Southern Africa as we have in Eastern and Western Africa )
**Reports are coming in that many people are coming to the faith in each of these villages.

With Thru the Bible Ministry, we recognize that there are those out there who would love to be a part of such a ‘grass roots’ ministry. We are not asking for you to donate but to get involved with your prayers and if the Lord leads’ to give financially, that would be greatly appreciated.
We are hoping that others like yourselves would seek the Lord and see how you might get involved, maybe by coming on a distribution trip of the solar powered audio devices or come help build the classroom/dorm room in Kenya…..come and facilitate some classes with those being trained for the work of the Ministry. We are hoping for those who are called to join us in His work with Thru the Bible. Philippians 4:17, ESV: “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.”

Doug and Christine Search

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