About GO!

How does GO! Ministries encourage missionaries?



GO! Ministries’ staff will pray regularly for the missionaries we serve (Colossians 4:3).


GO! Ministries’ staff is ready to communicate with the missionaries whenever a need arises or just to fellowship and be encouraged in the Lord (Romans 1:12).



GO! Ministries provides a service whereby donors send money to their missionaries through GO! Ministries. Donors then benefit by receiving a deduction on their taxes. GO! Ministries makes it easy for donors to send support through snail mail checks, online donations via the GO! webpage. (1 Cor 12:28)



It is the goal of Pastor Louie and his wife Cheryl to visit and encourage missionaries on the field as possible and as led by the Lord. (III John 1:13-14)



GO! Ministries encourages the missionaries’ home churches to be the main source of support and encouragement for their ministries. GO! Ministries spiritual support is supplemental to what missionaries receive from their home churches. (Romans 15:20)



GO! Ministries desires to provide resources through it’s webpage on various topics that are helpful on the mission field. This includes devotionals that are missions related as well as on practical matters. (Psalm 54:4)



GO! Ministries is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Anaheim. CCA would love a visit from the GO! missionaries whenever possible to update the church body on your particular ministry. This might include speaking at one of our services, to a Sunday school class, the Youth group, the Christian school, etc. as the Lord leads. This is in addition to coming by the GO! Ministries office at the church to greet pastor Louie and the GO! staff. You might even get a lunch out of it! (1 John 1:3)