Our Missionaries

Dan and Mihoko Bolinger

City: Iruma
Country: Japan

[Isa 42:12 KJV] 12 Let them give glory unto the LORD, and declare his praise in the islands.

As the Lord has called the Bolingers to Japan it has been evident that the main purpose is to, “Let them”, a giving of God’s grace that evangelizes these lost 127 million souls. That the one true God exists and needs to be glorified. “And declare his praise”, speaks of ones purpose and hope in this life. The Japanese are without hope and thus they worship any and everything in the hope of finding some kind of hope. Our planting a church in Japan is with the goal of making disciples as Jesus mandated through the teaching of the word of God, verse by verse, so that the whole counsel of God will be evident in those whom the Lord gives us. We thus fulfill Colossians 1:28 to present every person complete in Christ.

We are missionaries sent by the grace of God from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Dan was ordained by pastor Chuck Smith in 2005. We left for the mission field in 2008. 10 years have flown by and we testify of His faithfulness and extreme grace in allowing us to plant Calvary Chapel of Iruma. The obstacles have been challenging but our faithful Creator has empowered us to overcome. We invite you to join with us on an adventure into the heart and lives of Japanese people being saved by our Savior Jesus Christ.

We have 4 children our first son Caleb went to be with the Lord at age 3. So with us now is Nathan 20, Rachel 16, Jane 13. We teach English to many students and share the gospel through that to kids and families. We have a homeless ministry where we deliver donated bread from Costco to homeless and less fortunate persons in our community. The church has grown and as a living organism it expands and contracts. But one things is for sure it is alive and the Spirit of God is using people and working in their lives. We have also become very active in our Children’s Christian School in Tokyo. This has been a blessing to be an encouragement to the whole body of Christ and help other missionaries in keeping their eyes on Christ.

Come to Japan and see the most beautiful land and it’s people whom The Lord loves with all his heart. The EVANGELICAL Church (important to stress the stats here) is at a steady .05% of the population. The decline and atrophy of missionaries and pastors is at record highs and many churches are without pastors. We need more faithful, faith filled servants to come and live in Japan and serve Jesus in evangelizing the Japanese people. We extend our hand to you to partner with us in this venture of faith. We need prayer 100 fold and we need support both financially and emotionally and physically. The opportunities are limitless because we serve a limitless Savior. It starts with an email and encouragement then an opportunity to come and minister. God bless you in your walk with Jesus Christ may he lead and guide you in His marvelous Grace.

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